Tuesday, May 3, 2011


the most meaningless things to do for wat i think is.. traffic jam. = = (i think i see a lot of hands is raise up liao.. hahaa XD) it waste time! waste energy! waste money! waste petrol! waste etc, n wat so ever.. aii.. i really hate stuck in traffic.. zz.. (but i still good driver anyway.. XD)

sometimes i jz let other ppl cut in line. this is wat i think. if everyone let 1 car cut in, 1 by 1, the traffic will be smooth n better... if ppl cut Q.. hoho.. tat i wont let them cut in. zz.. pls Q up la.. deng.. all ppl Q up, y u need cut Q leh..? everyone also rush ba.. jz make traffic more worst.. zz.. somemore i see some ppl more worst.. when 'they' see traffic, their 'light' will on n jz cut it thru.. 'they' jz use it a wrong way ba.. aii.. speechless...

so, is this wat we pay, then wat we get..? the traffic so bad, but gov jz wanna open 1 eye close 1 eye? when will it be fix..? is it rm 0.50 mail id more important..? if the traffic is not jam, the country will earn more n move more faster, did they realize..? coz if no jam, things will come out on time, n more efficient, becoz time is money! aarrgrghhhhhhhhh.............................. when all this will fix!!??! zz... sien.

i write this. coz today i stuck in jam. very hate. = =