Monday, November 23, 2009

[BozWorld] Canon Project

wooOOOooooohhhhh... finally.. i can do this post.. XD handling this project for 2 months~ quite a stress one.. haha XD but i think we doing it well :) Canon project~!!

i am project lead for this project, coz i am 1st time as a project lead.. so, is quite stress le.. somemore this TVC will show in cinema (if i not wrong la.. =3=) so, i really already did my very best for this project.. hope u guys like it as well :)

some pics, all pics took when we go for the shooting date~ enjoy XD

-shoot at Putrajaya-

-lot material-

-balloon light~ XD-

-shooting board-

-camera (it is really very heavy... so, u think hand-held easy...? =3=)-

-i think this is call director tv gua.. hahaa XD jz.. so cool~-

-these sticks use to stick on the shooting board which shooting done-

-smoke effect shooting~-

this shooting start from near 7pm til the other day morning 7am something i only reach home sleep.. the next day.. straight sick. hahaa.. but still need to work~ XD

Thanks God for this opportunity to work on this project. He guide me lot, n i learn lot from Him thru this project. it is stress n tired.. but things tat u learn is more precious! i appreciate lot! also, wanna thanks to those who support me, encourage me, stand by me, when i in this project, thanks much! =D lot things happen, n we manage being thru it~! as a team, we learn together, n move forward together! happy working with u guys~! hope there's more cool works coming, so i can show more~ yay!

here's the outcome, **jiang jiang~!!** Canon TVC, enjoy~ XD

God bless~!! XD

Sunday, November 22, 2009

[Boz_World] B@k kU tEh~

yeah~!! finally! i in kl for so long.... this is the 1st time i go Klang for bak ku teh~! XD hahaha.. thanks to Kevin bring me there~! yay! for yr info, Klang Bak Ku Teh is famous n nice to eat~!! XD

so.. i think the next thing i need to taste is satay liao... i being here for so long.. heard tat Kajang satay is the best, (if i no wrong...) but i didnt try be4 la.. so, anyone wanna bring me go~??! haha :P

some pics~

-of course, chinese tea is the best-

-Bak ku teh!-

-thats the shop i went-

i heard tats lot of bak ku teh shop.. (er... i mean, i see.. =3=) the shop i went, is not so bad~ i like the soup! XD actually, when i reach there, after order, then the shop is ready to close lo.. they cleaning up the place already de.. hehe.. they say i can eat meat in the afternoon of 2pm as lunch, consider quite lucky already.. coz normally there's no more meat liao lo.. hehe.. thanks God for tat~ XD so, i think i will back there again coz now i know the way~ kekee.. >D

so, i hope more things to come in my life~ work for so long.. i think sometimes i should jz enjoy life bit~ yay~!! XD

**next one, i think still back to Korean food 1st~ hahaa...... XD

Thursday, November 5, 2009

[BozWorld] Happie Birthday~

1st of all, i wanna thank God! really~ thanks God much much!! XD coz on my birthday, there's no rain~ wahahahaaa..... so, i wanna go where play also ok~ XD thanks to Him, everything goes smoothly, everything well plan~! yay! thank U!!!!

ya, mom n dad, thanks much as well~ :D without them, today also will without me. haha.. also i wanna say thank u to ppl around me! u guys make my day~ my mail coz from 10 mail become 110 mail unread, all becoz of the fb comment.. haha.. lot of blessing~ thz thz~!!

wanna thanks who wish me~ especially thanks to those who spend time with me, lunch, n eat cake with me. haha... thank u~ very much! truly from my heart :) thanks those who send gift to me as well~ i like it n appreciate it very much~! thank u! thank u all~!! i enjoy my big day~!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

[Boz_World] Next Generation

Recently heard lot of teaching about life, purpose, about next generation. i am thinking, wat we doing now.. is it will effect the next generation? will the influences big? is it will cause them anything..? today, i am very sure n wanna share with u all. if u don find any purpose in yr life... i think is time u have to think of living yr life for the next generation.

hmm.. maybe i give an example here. let say.. one day i get married, have children with her, after tat i don like my wife, then i divorce with her. coz i don like her liao ma.. ( or any reason la.. maybe "reason-able" reason??? =3= ) 1st. it surely will affect yr children.. n then, think further, if yr children got children again ( means yr grandchildren la..) how u going to explain to them who is yr grand mother or grand father if they really ask? if my wife re-married again? then the children got 2 grand father lo?! =3= or maybe u can think tat, if u r the grandchildren, how will u re-act??

maybe the example i giving is so complicated for some ppl. but wat i wanna share with all of u r, pls don think wat u doing now wont have any effect to ppl around u, or it will only effect yrself. how about yr children? or others ppl children?. coz one day, yr children will by teach by others, teach by the world as well. so, if now, u r not doing any good to the world, to the society, to frens beside u... one day, yr children might be affect by them.

So.. is time to change the mindset. think of wat u can do for the next generation. students, maybe do it for yr junior. workers, maybe do it for yr junior, or yr colleague. think of something, i sure in yr life, there will be something u can fight for!

let us work hard together~! XD
for the next generation~~~~~~~~~~~!!
God bless~!!

**haha.. so long no update already. so sorry. will try to keep this blog more busy!**

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

[Boz_Sharing] Choice

In life, there's lot choices. Choices, is one of the hardest things to learn in life as well. a choice, can make a life better or bad. is jz so simple.. of course, this thing do trouble me too.. normally, i will jz pray, n uphold to God, ask God help me to choose~ XD coz i really worry i will choose a wrong choice.. but this time.. i at a T-junction.. God really ask me to choose... = =

i have to make choice this time. God wan me to learn n choose. i think lot. consider lot. pray about it lot. God still wan i choose in the end. so, i change the way i used to pray. i pray for the right timing. i am waiting.. holding back myself, n wait for the right timing.

how i decide on my choice? faith is needed. XD believe in it, n have no regret of yr choice. if i don choose, i think one day i will regret tat i didnt choose.. so, now i choose, wat come next, i am sure God will lead. i believe in Him. He wont leave me a side.

yes! i had make a choice. i will face it n learn from it. Yosh~!! yosh yosh! XD

" No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it."

1 Corinthians 10:13

i hope u will no regret of wat u choose as well~ :D
(rather than u regret one day u didnt choose~ XD)

God bless~!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

[Boz_World] Dinner@Jogoya

yea~! last last friday i think.. my company go KL Jogoya dinner~! XD
so happie!! of coz i eat lot~ order lot~ test lot diff things too! wa... really very happie le.. seldom got chance to do this kind of crazy things~ hahaa XD

here's some pics~

-Jogoya, KL-

-VIP food! i got order this~ XD-

-the best one~! Volka, 40%-
-i take 3 small cups~! nice~ XD-

-big family-

anyway, i enjoy lot there! the food, enviroment, fellowship as well~ if u got chance, should give it a shot n try up the food there! XD

for more pics,

God bless~!

Monday, August 10, 2009

[Boz_World] What kept me busy

Yea~!! finally... i can update my blog~ hahaa XD
coz i jz getting free.. so sorry for all these late update.. anyway, i here to present u my 1st ever commercial job in my life~!! XD which kept me busy for long time~

i being confirm as full time worker in Fly Studio already~ Thank God! XD i also start to get use in the environment which i enjoy lot~ hehee.. here is a nice place for me to work, n i wish to work more n improve myself in the future = =v

here is my 1st ever commercial job, i involve in animation n camera. which is i 1st time doing animation job :P quite enjoy n like it much! finally i can do animation!!!!!! XD

** Trenz Glaze **

after the 1st job, then straight come the 2nd one. which is an opening clip for an animated series. XD i involve in camera, animation, effect, n some rigging as well. most of the water shader being done by me as well.. hahaaaaaa... (but the editing guy make it better la.. haha XD)
so, enjoy~ XD

** Rip Smart **

u may leave any comment if u like~ XD
thank u much!

God bless~!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

[Boz_World] wat a day

last month, i am quite bad luck.. lot things happen to me as well. anyway, got 1 thing happen to me that i rmb til now. so i think i must post it here n share with u guys. which is a bit of angry of wat happen to me. =3=

i rmb tat night, after i finish work, around 830 pm, so i went back home with my bike. but, my bike tyer pun-cek!! *boff!* in the middle of highway. = = then i am shouting.. "OH NNNOOOoooooOOOoooooo-------!!!!!!!!!!" in my mind T^T (coz my leg still pain...)

so, i had no choice, but to push my bike back home.. (which is very de far~!!!!) so i push... after quite a long distance, i decided to call the number i see at the side road, which they will come to me n fix my bike. but a bike come to me when i set to make a call. is a chinese. uncle. he stop near my bike n say, he is one of the ppl can help fix my bike. then i like, *bing~~~* (holy light shine one me T T) "oh yeaa~~~~ here come the savior~~~" T^T then he say, i can help u replace it. charge u rm25. very cheap liao~ (with uncle smilling face) then i like, "WAAAAATTTTT----------?!?!?!!" (coz normally, those motor bike shop only will charge rm8++ but now he charge me rm25!!? = =) of course i nego with uncle, then i think is ok to jz give it to uncle, coz i also quite tired liao.. but. who knows.. my wallet only have rm8... i also = = "gao gao"

then i tell uncle. uncle jz stun. ok. keep his things. go back to his bike. then, bye bye~! "huh........ i no money only ma... need go away so fast meh...?" aiks. chinese. (no moeny no talk wa.) zzz = = so i had no choice.. continue puuu----shhhh.... T^T no money, leg pain, hungry, n no help. aii..

half way, after 30min++, i still pushing my bike at the side of the highway.. i saw a bike passby me n turn back to me. oh~! another savior~ XD is a malay, he ask me is it my bike no petrol. then i say no.. then he like, "aiya.. tot i can help push yr bike n u to petrol station if u no petrol. (i think u guys see be4 the skill of pushing motor with bike, 1 ppl driving, then put his leg on other biker bike, n push the bike. i also know how to do it~ XD) but u not.." so he cant help me as well.. so i thanks for his offer, n appreciate it lot~ coz he really cant do anything la.. thank u~!! T^T

continue push. passby a mamak shop. the tauke, indian, ask me stop, n say he got number to call n fix my bike one. he ask me go in shop n pass me the number. then i also told him my situation.. i had no money.. T^T then he also cant help me.. but he still ask me call fren fetch me, n park my bike at his shop there. he can help me take care of it. coz tmr i also need transport to work. so i also thanks him for his offer. n appreciate it lot as well~ Thank u~!!!! T^T n continue push..

in the end, near 1030pm i only push to the motor shop near my live place. the boss is closing the shop already. but he still help me n fix my bike. (coz i always go to his shop n fix my bike, so he know me n help me~ XD) while fixing, i only know my right leg knee there bengkak. coz i keep hit by the bike while pushing it back... aii. leg more pain. T^T then i after "dinner" n back rest..

in this inccident.. i quite dissapointed to the chinese uncle.. (even i am chinese.. T^T) aii.. anyway, i learn lesson as well~ next time, i will offer help if i really see someone in trouble. like others did. yosh~!!


wat a day... =3=

God bless~ :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

[Boz_World] RIP my shoes~

after accident, now i being recover fast~ but still cant do sport le... =3=

anyway, is time to clean up some stuff.. then i found out tat my shoes cant wear anymore.. T^T so sad... need to throw it le.. aii.... i so like this shoes... :(

RIP shoes shoes~

**anyway wanna buy me shoes?** XD

God bless~!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

[Boz_world] 1901~!!

hahaaa~!! yay~!! again~!! 1901!
hahaa... i think maybe sopme of u guys already get bored with this kind of post in my blog.. but i jz cant stop my self to share my joy of eating 1901 hodogs with u guys o... hehee XD pls allow me SS here~ hahahaa XD

whole company buy 75 hotdogs this time!

mine one~ 7 hotdogs this time~ hahaa XD

this pic was taken at night after all finish their hotdogs...
whole company full of hotdogs o.. hahaa XD

yay~! so i think next month we will break another record lo~ hahaha... XD

Thursday, June 11, 2009

[BozWorld] 3D BozComic

er?! Boz comic become 3D??!
no no! should be reality Boz comic!


put yr hand to hand together!

let us welcome...

Boz comic!!

jiang jiang~!! XD

hahaa.. actually i was too stress of working. coz cant really get the animation i wish to do.. so i make fun for while to release some stress.. = =v anyway, thz to kenny (puik!) take the pic for me. (thank u lo = =)

cool? reality/3D Boz comic~! hahaa XD

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[Boz_World] Getting better~

yellod~! i here again. so sorry didnt really update recently.. but now i getting better liao, so i think i can start update as much as i can le~ haha.. XD

anyway, i here to update my wound, coz lot ppl quite worry bout me. so i here to make u guys no worry. haha XD here my wound update. haha XD

**if cant take the pic, don scroll down, off the page le. haha XD**

~really getting better le la~

anyway, now still cant really stand too long, or run, or jump. but at least now, i can walk liao... T^T anyway, really thz for u guys! thz for caring, thz for prayer, thz for worrying, thz for everything!! also, i also need Thank God! coz lot ppl say i healing fast! yea~! by God grace, Amen~! XD

ok. tats all for this post!
next time then~!

God bless~!! XD

Saturday, May 30, 2009

[Boz_World] Little hElp pls~

need a little help here.. i wish to learn korean language, anyone know where can i go to learn korean language? don ask me go Korea n learn la.. this one i know.. =3= if nearby, then will be the best! XD i live in Sunway now.. if u know some info, do let me know ya~ thz much! 

** i wish to know the time, place, n cost as well.. thz~! XD **

God bless~

Sunday, May 24, 2009

[Boz_World] Update u should not miss. wakaka!!

okok~ this will be a very very de long post le~ coz got several things need update.. 1st of all, i need to say sorry.. coz i already left my comic blog (i no scanner.. T^T) n this blog (my line at home recently very badddd.... T^T) so long aside.. but now, i will try update as often as possible.

yea~ give me 5! "5"! = =b

ok~!! 1st of all~!! 1901!!! wakakaakaaa XD this is like a monthly event to me le~ hahaa.. but this time. more worst. coz i bring this "event" to my new company~!! hahahaa XD so, they we are~ total, we buy 52 hotdogs~!! n i break my record! this time i eat six~!!! wakakaaaa~!!! XD

- 52 hotdogs -

mine one!
6 hotdogs~! XD

ok~ happie news over = = now, is some shocking news again. if u cant take it, don scroll down le. not good for health le. =3= erm.. i meet accident. T^T don ask me y... or how... coz is not my wrong.. really not my wrong oo.. aii.. i get bang by car, coz the car didnt see me. now, consider bit balf dead le.. this happen on this wed, 20May, means jz happen le.. but now, my right leg can move liao.. anyway, i do take some pic, maybe i think pic will tell more words gua..

1st day.

hand bengkak

2 stitches here

the rest wounded. (some quite bad...)

2nd days.

after hospital
(dressing is so pain..... T^T)

anyway, now i at hometown resting, thanks to my mom. coz she force my back le =3= haha.. of course i will rest well, n be strong like monkey again~!! XD of course~ Thank God i still alive!! = =v i need to thanks everyone~ as well! coz i sure many ppl also worry for me. really thank you u all much~ n i appreciate it lot~ thanks those who help me when i really needed, thanks those who provide hospitality, thanks those who call me, thanks those who visit me, thanks those who acc me when i needed, thanks those who pray for me as well~ T^T really..


i will take care well, n recovering fast! = =b yea~! God bless everyone! Amen. XD