Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It is a real hard things to learn.. Most of the time, pride already take place in our heart.. But, once again, God challenge me.. To learn. To put my faith in action.. Humble, is to let go everything, Let down yrself, and let God take control in everything.. Thanks God. I'm learning still :) Amen.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


it's being a year.. i abandoned this blog for so long.. feel so guilty about it.. haha.. in deed, 2011 is fast for me. didnt realise it jz gone like tat.. didnt know wat i archive on 2011 as well.. aiks.. =A=

for this year, i think i should treat myself better.. give myself more time to update and doing the stuff i like, such as my comic blog. being using too much time for my work but in the end come out nothing.. is quite sad n dissapointed about it.. anyway, i still need to move on! so i decided spend more time on my comic blog too! =D

here's the link, maybe some still don know about it.. hahaa.. anyway, do support support! any comment jz let me know, so i can improve! thz lot ")

try to make the comic more manga form?! trying still , haha.. let see how the things go ") anyway, will keep imporove! n keep on my spirit for it! Fighting Fighting!!

n happy New year 2012! have a great n wonderful year ahead! :D