Wednesday, July 30, 2008

[Boz_World] Picture

this is the recent pic i taken with my own n edit it also..

hehe~ like it much~
free to leave comment ya~ :D

thz thz~

God bless~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

[Boz_World] new shoes!

o.. busy busy busy.. so sorry long time no update here liao.. coz recently got something on.. if u waiting me update then i have to say sorry to u~ n thz for ya support!! if u feel nothing then nvm la.. = =

i get a new shoes! not buy one oo~~ is bless by someone oo~!! XD happie!! wanna thank God for His wonderful blessing~ actually i going to buy new shoes liao de.. but be4 i buy, God send an angel come n bless me~ yea yeahh~!! so happie much~~ keke~ thank GOD!! i love U!! XD

~new shoes~
~Avia, blue, size 9.5~

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

[Boz_World] Flower Park in Pyramid

well, is being a long time i never go pyramid have a walk walk lo.. so today (monday) i take some free time to have a walk there.. my free time is my lunch time la.. = =v anyway, this is wat i found in the pyramid, flower park... it maybe looks good for girls.. for me? jz another style of art XD enjoy the pic~

~16 July - under constuction~

~17 July - still under constuction~

~21 July - complete~

.Malaysia Flora Fest 2008.
.Colours of Harmony.
.July - Aug 2008.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

[Boz_World] MR2+ Logo

-MR2+ logo-

Hot n fresh NEWs!!
This is the logo for MR2+!!!
FCC Music Revolution II Plus 2008
comment are welcome~ !!
although we wont change the design liao~~ haha XD

God bless!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

[Boz_World] Home Page

today i go n check up my church website..
guess wat i found?

----- i in HOME PAGE~!! haha XD happie~~ = =v -----

[MovieTalk] Hancock


this is the movie i watch today~ watch alone la.. haha XD Will Smith, one of my fav actor!! so when he have new movie i will jz go cinema, buy ticket, pop-corn + drink, take a seat, relax n watch.. coz i believe in him!! do u know tat actor have the right to choose the movie tat they wanna take part? from previous movie tat Will Smith involve, he done a good job!
so i jz believe in him, n watch watever movie he act~ believe in him will choose a good movie! :D

actually in this movie, i believe he have some kind of brea-thru again~ do u realize he always take up new character n act? n tat is not easy for an actor actually :) so i quite respect him = =b anyway, this movie i do learn also.. for me, this movie i can feel bit sad le.. coz it quite relate to my life also.. maybe some of u know, maybe some of u not la.. nvm anyway :)

this movie special effect consider not bad le.. but i like the song that play in this movie, will get asap~hehe.. XD this movie is very meaningful to me and it also talk about LOVE. for a hero, he can protect everyone, but who come n protect him??!! in the end, he still alone. he know he got a love one, but he jz cant be with his love one.. tat is jz so sad.. this movie talk about purpose of life VS love. if for u, wat will u choose??! T^T

-i quite like his suit XD-

Ranking 9 out of 10
a meaningful movie~

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

[Boz_World] 14 July

hmm.. actually i not planning to go for this show de.. but something happen.. n i feel lazy do work, so i go to this show le~ keke..

the whole night is jz more on sharing, sharing on how God change their life, touch them. is so geng that God work on them, they can bring 27ppl believe in
Jesus in only 1 year.. for me? i wanna have 1 also quite hard.. T^T

they do perform some old Chinese opera style. i was so shock n impress by them.. coz they really work for the Lord!! can u imagine, by only 4 days, they compose a song with old Chinese opera style n tell the whole journey of Jesus life!! it so touch!!!! coz for me, i hardly imagine tat with old Chinese opera style can sing out God grace... it really shock me! this is wat i learn from them.. really, n is true! when God give u talent, if u practice it n fully use it, God will make use of it~!!

my dear bro sis in Christ, if u have talent, i hope u guys ca
n jz practice yr talent gao gao n serve the Lord, but not give up yr skill if u see someone better than u.. honorsly, if u see someone is better than u, u must take the opportunity to learn form tat someone! but not giving up!! who more geng than u learn from them n u be geng! all must thru hardship, tats only show how much u appreciate yr talent n fully use it~ :) gambatte everyone!! so.. now have burden serve in worship team?? haha XD pray about it ya~ keke.. "P maybe join faith music 1st la~ haha.. God bless ya~!!

share some photo~ is bit dark.. sorry o.. camera only 2.0 =3=

~singing n sharing~

-yeah~ fun-fare!!-

Monday, July 14, 2008

[Boz_World] Take care yrself

last sat night service was a good one! i like it much~!! n tat is the 1st time i sing in tongue, worship the Lord in tongue also~ of course normally i do sing in tongue, but on stage is really 1st time ma.. (normally sing in tongue might scare some new frens de..) haha XD i jz cant stop cry out to the Lord, cant stop feel the Holy Spirit, cant stop jumping here n there for the Lord.. jz becoz He is the Lord~! the one i love~!!

"take good care of yrself, then God only can take good care of u"
- uncle nickson

this is wat i wanna share here today. this is wat danny share to me n remind me once again. i think with the sentence is quite easy n straight forward to understand already, if i wanna make an example, i will talk about sleep n rest. if u don sleep or rest early, then how u wan God bless u more strength another day? or how u wan God bless u healthy another day? (those who sleep late understand wat i trying to say o not o?? "P) so is jz the same. sometimes, u know things that u need to do but u didnt do it or u jz avoid it, then how u wan God help u or bless u more?

so, my dear bro sis in Christ, i jz hope whoever know wat things shall be done, make it done, n done it asap by God grace n timing. dont be naughty le la~ i hope thru this blog, may God speak something to u la :)

Keep faith in Him!
God bless~

Friday, July 11, 2008

[Boz_World] Pasta de Gohan

this tuesday my mom come look for me as usual~ maybe many of u will ask.. y i need my mom come look for me de?? so Lansi meh?! wat the.. =3= actually my mom will out to KL once a month, but most of the time she jz come here for some stuff then she will went back home straight. but this month i say i wanna meet her, so she drop by le.. she here on tuesday, overnight at my place, then we have lunch together~ we went to pyramid eat PASTA~ XD but is diff place with michael one~ michael have italian style pasta, but i have japanese style pasta~ haha XD

-this is wat i order-

-this is wat my mom order-

-Pasta de Gohan-

-unlimited cheese-

of course we having great time together~ as more i spend time with my mom, i notice tat she getting older n older le.. sometimes u can jz do yr best is taking good care of yrself in order she not so worry about u.. coz u really cannot do anything when she getting older.. of course love is needed to show for her.. quite regret when she leave i cant even give her a hug.. coz is raining soon while she leave, so both of us quite rush also to cacth up the bus.. anyway, i wanna take God for this wonderful mom~ we being thru alot.. n we must go on.. God~ i pray tat u bless my mom n take good care of her every sec every moment~ be with her~~~ thank u Lord, Amen. miss u mom~!! T^T

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

[Boz_World] Love

Love. i really wanna thank God much much for wat He had done. i always like to listen to a song titled through it all. many things might jz happen in our life, some out of our expectation, some out of control, some more worst.. make yr life in a mess.

Yes. we make misstake.. as always.. of course God will forgive us, and He will accept us again, and love us. but that doesnt means tat we, as a human can jz like God although we are ask to be like Him. sometimes, u know tat is a sin, is a wrong things to do, but u didnt avoid it, u jz do it for yr OWN desire, then u SIN! u FALL! u HURT! even the one u love also cant accept u n forgive u! how?! how come?? y he or she jz cant accept or forgive u? y?!!

...the problem is not y he or she cant accept u.. the problem is u yrself.. y.. y u go n sin at the 1st place.. ya, cry n feel guilty for yrself.. repent as u can do it now.. yes, u lose.. lose until u feel very pain.. doesnt God also feel yr pain? YES! He do!! He is more PAIN than u.. when u lose the battle means u lost something in yr life.. for me.. i lost my love one in my life.. regret? pain? sad? cry hard? ...of course i am...

God, He is the one always be with me. sometimes others fail u, or u fail others.. but God never fail u. He keep u, love u, hug u. Be with Him, becoz wat He wan is, He jz wanna show u one thing! yes! one thing......

He Love You
Seek the Lord 1st, then He will bless u the rest~
May God bless u all~ Amen.

Monday, July 7, 2008

[Boz_World] Touch n Go

this is the 1st time i use touch n go card... and then the card really "touch" liao n "go" liao.. means useless liao.. T^T somemore is the church van card.. aiyo.. today very de "sui" la.. aikszz..

[Boz_World] Hair Cut

ya ya.. i cut hair liao..
yes yes.. jz laugh la.. i also know y la..
laugh till u feel satisfy la k?
thank u.. zz

God bless..



Thursday, July 3, 2008

[MovieTalk] Wanted


For me, haha.. really a good movie aaaaaaaaaa!!!! geng geng geng! = =b
the movie is bit like matrix, but not matrix, bit like national treasure, but not national treasure, is jz so nice n well done~!! the story flow, casting, songs, effect, climax, twist, ending, etc. wooooooooo~ i don know how to express somemore for this movie~!! i only shut up n sit there for the movie + 2 thumbs up====> d [=X=] b

"where are you here?"
"i don't know.."
(punch!)(punch! punch!)

before i watch this movie, i know that the movie camera angle will be very extreme.. i tot that story is jz normal like "u're the choosen one" this kind of movie.. (although got a bit la still.. haha XD) but most of the thing is jz out of my expectation~! (some also i expect liao de..) that is real nice part for me feel about this movie! somemore all the stun, how the car turn, run, combine skill??! wa.. jz nicely done~!! like it much much~!! @[> <]@ COOL+SUPERB+AWESOME~~!!

u watch beckham banana kick be4?
now u can go n watch WANTED who perform banana gun shot. = =

Ranting: 10 out of 10
10 startzz!! FULL~ XD
how u think?? let me know~!!

[Boz_World] 2nd July

Finally, today over already.. is really very busy day for me.. really work whole day, fixing problem, trouble shooting, meeting, this n tat.. WOHH!! end the day! after that when i sit down n have a short rest.. only i realize.. today, 2nd July 2008, Wednesday, is my one year anniversary work in TOA.. haha XD actually also nothing to happy or sad about.. "P jz notice that , time pass fast~ then wat i had done for the pass 1 year? :) i touch life? making impact? doing good? doing bad? being too hush? rough? sick? insane.......?

..i dont know.. maybe u can let me know.. :)

God bless~