Thursday, July 17, 2008

[MovieTalk] Hancock


this is the movie i watch today~ watch alone la.. haha XD Will Smith, one of my fav actor!! so when he have new movie i will jz go cinema, buy ticket, pop-corn + drink, take a seat, relax n watch.. coz i believe in him!! do u know tat actor have the right to choose the movie tat they wanna take part? from previous movie tat Will Smith involve, he done a good job!
so i jz believe in him, n watch watever movie he act~ believe in him will choose a good movie! :D

actually in this movie, i believe he have some kind of brea-thru again~ do u realize he always take up new character n act? n tat is not easy for an actor actually :) so i quite respect him = =b anyway, this movie i do learn also.. for me, this movie i can feel bit sad le.. coz it quite relate to my life also.. maybe some of u know, maybe some of u not la.. nvm anyway :)

this movie special effect consider not bad le.. but i like the song that play in this movie, will get asap~hehe.. XD this movie is very meaningful to me and it also talk about LOVE. for a hero, he can protect everyone, but who come n protect him??!! in the end, he still alone. he know he got a love one, but he jz cant be with his love one.. tat is jz so sad.. this movie talk about purpose of life VS love. if for u, wat will u choose??! T^T

-i quite like his suit XD-

Ranking 9 out of 10
a meaningful movie~

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