Monday, July 14, 2008

[Boz_World] Take care yrself

last sat night service was a good one! i like it much~!! n tat is the 1st time i sing in tongue, worship the Lord in tongue also~ of course normally i do sing in tongue, but on stage is really 1st time ma.. (normally sing in tongue might scare some new frens de..) haha XD i jz cant stop cry out to the Lord, cant stop feel the Holy Spirit, cant stop jumping here n there for the Lord.. jz becoz He is the Lord~! the one i love~!!

"take good care of yrself, then God only can take good care of u"
- uncle nickson

this is wat i wanna share here today. this is wat danny share to me n remind me once again. i think with the sentence is quite easy n straight forward to understand already, if i wanna make an example, i will talk about sleep n rest. if u don sleep or rest early, then how u wan God bless u more strength another day? or how u wan God bless u healthy another day? (those who sleep late understand wat i trying to say o not o?? "P) so is jz the same. sometimes, u know things that u need to do but u didnt do it or u jz avoid it, then how u wan God help u or bless u more?

so, my dear bro sis in Christ, i jz hope whoever know wat things shall be done, make it done, n done it asap by God grace n timing. dont be naughty le la~ i hope thru this blog, may God speak something to u la :)

Keep faith in Him!
God bless~

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