Tuesday, February 24, 2009

[Boz_World] Keep Positive

yea~! back to post again.
today, i jz wanna share something tat maybe not many ppl will agree with me.. anyway, i still wanna share it out here. try it o not, is yr choice~!! = =v

still remember about the previous post i share a little bit bout emotion things? (yea.. i know many of u should be forgot liao de.. aiks.. so sad.. T^T but if u still remember, oh~!! thank u so much~!! XD) i already finish reading a book about emotion things. so i share it here~ coz i think it should be quite useful to some of us~ :D (exspecially me~!! high I! haha XD) 

so, Emotion. everyone have it. everyone will be emo as well. sometimes no ppl really know y u emo for... or wat u emo for... but, u r the only person know it well~ u wish someone will understand u, but u always cant find any. u feel like the world leave u behind, leave u alone, and u r dying there.. now! is time! at least still got someone know y u emo, wat u emo~!! who's that???!! YOU! yea~! You lo~!! haha XD so, wat i trying to tell here is.. u are the ppl who can control yr own emotion. so, y care about others? (but dont too over oo.. aiseh.. keep it yrself is ok liao.. haha XD don go n kill someone coz u feel like it ya~ = =''' ) 

since u r the one who can control yr own emotion, so don built yr happiness or sadness in others ppl. wat i mean by that? means, don feel sad or emo becoz of someone or something.. (hmm.. this few words sounds so familiar.. coz i repeat it again n again in the previous post ma~!! haha XD) since u can control yr emotion, u have to always keep it as positive as u can~!! (oppss.. this post looks like getting longer.. i try keep it short.. trying trying~) y need to keep positive? very simple theory. if u keep yrself positive always, then those happy n positive things will happen around u~!! (YEA~!! this is the main point~!! XD keep laughing oo!! must be positive ya~!! ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.)(sot liao.)

anyway, i really thank God, coz recently got a sister come to me n share to me. she say, i am really a blessed ppl, coz i always look happy n joyful~ so, when she get near to me, she also feel joy in her heart as well, even there's lot burden on her. i am quite encourage of wat she shared to me~ (no worry, she is aunty. not my admire. =3=) so, do i let u feel the same thing? i hope i do. i hope i can be yr blessing always~ or, do u always let ppl feel tat u r a happy ppl or a sad or emo ppl? i hope u be a blessing to others as well~ so, now i have a reason to "bird" around~!! yea~!! XD

Be happy n positive ya~!!! keep it n practice it oo~! not one or two days u can be positive liao de la.. anyway, don give up.. keep practice it, n i sure God will bless the rest~!! yay~!! = =v

God bless u much~!! XD

Saturday, February 21, 2009

[Boz_World] Hot.......DOG d@y~!!!!!

yea~ another 19th of the month again~

this time, eat 6 hotdogs!!! wakakakakaa... 
(but the number 6th hotdog really try as hard as i can.. T3T)
so, i think my limit is only 5 hotdogs.. =3=

whole dept go buy hotdogs~!
(we buy 14 hotdogs) 

got 6 is mine.. wakakakaa XD

eat til the dustbin is jz full of hotdog boxes~ haha XD

anyway, this time when we go buy hotdogs.. getting more ppl Q up to buy already.. aiks.. need to wait liao.. so, next time when wanna buy, do go early oo~!! good things must share of course~ so, i hope next 19th, i buy again~!! yea!

God bless~!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

[Boz_Sharing] Worry?

yea, long time didnt do sharing already. today i am here to share the same old things again. coz i in the situation tat quit lost direction recently. anyway, i here to share wat i go through~ hope it help any of u as well~ XD

[take it positive, take it positive~
its a happy post oo.. haha XD]

i finish a book. i quit like it~ it talk about emotion. emotion is quite a funny thing, if u not control well, it make u suffer, but, if u control it well, it will be a strong power! (this is wat the book share le.. hehe.. XD) coz emotion can be control by yrself, so don let other things, or ppl to control it.. don get emotional tat cause by some thing or someone.. u should control well yr emotion~ try take everything as positive as possible. the more positive u are~ more changes positive things happen to u! (if u wan know more, i can share more next time~ this post should be about worry de.. haha not emotion "P)

[yea yea~
stay positive, positive~ XD]

Matthew 6:34
"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

actually, recently worry about my job stuff, coz till now i also haven know where i should go. still waiting for God's answer.. (cant hear Him tim.. aiks.. =3=) anyway, being remind once again n again.. a test of Faith! yea, i must have faith. since i believe there's a God, of course the God sure very de powerful le~ everything sure under His control de.. so i shall not worry at all! since He is a lovely God, sure wont let u die la.. haha XD so, i here again, encourage u guys! be Faithful in the Lord~ no matter wat u go thru now, He is in control! didnt Him worry bout u? care bout u? love u? so, wat u worry for? u only worry u not love Him enough le.. haha XD

God bless~!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

[Boz_world] Ouch!! again..

yea~ how am i recently?
haha.. update u bit.

suffer in pain.
bai ka again.. haha XD
(too energetic also not so good oo.. =3=)

recently, lot ppl get sick.. 
so everyone~ do take good care of yr body ya~
drink lot lot lot lot lot water, don fall in sick o :)
take care well~!!

God bless!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

[Boz_World] Home sweet~! home

yea~! finish holiday. is time to come back to work lo XD so happy to be back home.. really quite a long time didnt back home to rest.. home always good n cool~!! yea XD haha..

so, this time, when i back hometown, got 2 things i really wanna share here. 1st, the cinema. in my hometown, last time the cinema really very cacat.. (means really baaaaaaaaaaddd...) but is being a while the cinema is being renovated. yea! now become so good n cool! really enjoy watch movie there~ ( ...but got lot ppl watch movie with words.. means they chating while the movie is on.. aiks =3= )

this is the cinema

ticket for UnderWorld 3

ok. 2nd place. Mac'D. yaya, i know is very de normal if a mac'd is nearby yr house. but in my hometown.. the mac'd open 24 hours, 24 hours also full of ppl.. =3= really lot ppl go over there.. of course, one of the night i in my hometown, i look for my old fren go our yam cha, n he live near mac'd as well.. so we went to mac'd. i jz step in, less than 5min, i meet one of my junior there.. then chatting for a while.. anothe junior come. after that got 2 or 3 more come also. all meet up without a call.. so cool.. haha XD so, if wanna meet up some old fren, jz go mac'd will do. haha XD (tat night i meet up 6 juniors, yea = =v)


with.. 2 balls? haha XD

24 hours

ok. the last thing. my dog, NINI~
yea! still so cute~ love her much! haha XD i had record down her one n only unique skill when she come to u.. if she know u la.. if not, u have to carefull oo.. haha XD here's the video~

nini crawling skill
haha XD

nini n i~
(i know i look ugly.. at hoome ma.. cincai la.. haha XD)

anyway, i enjoy lot when back home!
yea~ hope u have a wonderful holiday as well~

God bless!!