Monday, February 9, 2009

[Boz_Sharing] Worry?

yea, long time didnt do sharing already. today i am here to share the same old things again. coz i in the situation tat quit lost direction recently. anyway, i here to share wat i go through~ hope it help any of u as well~ XD

[take it positive, take it positive~
its a happy post oo.. haha XD]

i finish a book. i quit like it~ it talk about emotion. emotion is quite a funny thing, if u not control well, it make u suffer, but, if u control it well, it will be a strong power! (this is wat the book share le.. hehe.. XD) coz emotion can be control by yrself, so don let other things, or ppl to control it.. don get emotional tat cause by some thing or someone.. u should control well yr emotion~ try take everything as positive as possible. the more positive u are~ more changes positive things happen to u! (if u wan know more, i can share more next time~ this post should be about worry de.. haha not emotion "P)

[yea yea~
stay positive, positive~ XD]

Matthew 6:34
"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

actually, recently worry about my job stuff, coz till now i also haven know where i should go. still waiting for God's answer.. (cant hear Him tim.. aiks.. =3=) anyway, being remind once again n again.. a test of Faith! yea, i must have faith. since i believe there's a God, of course the God sure very de powerful le~ everything sure under His control de.. so i shall not worry at all! since He is a lovely God, sure wont let u die la.. haha XD so, i here again, encourage u guys! be Faithful in the Lord~ no matter wat u go thru now, He is in control! didnt Him worry bout u? care bout u? love u? so, wat u worry for? u only worry u not love Him enough le.. haha XD

God bless~!!

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