Tuesday, February 3, 2009

[Boz_World] Home sweet~! home

yea~! finish holiday. is time to come back to work lo XD so happy to be back home.. really quite a long time didnt back home to rest.. home always good n cool~!! yea XD haha..

so, this time, when i back hometown, got 2 things i really wanna share here. 1st, the cinema. in my hometown, last time the cinema really very cacat.. (means really baaaaaaaaaaddd...) but is being a while the cinema is being renovated. yea! now become so good n cool! really enjoy watch movie there~ ( ...but got lot ppl watch movie with words.. means they chating while the movie is on.. aiks =3= )

this is the cinema

ticket for UnderWorld 3

ok. 2nd place. Mac'D. yaya, i know is very de normal if a mac'd is nearby yr house. but in my hometown.. the mac'd open 24 hours, 24 hours also full of ppl.. =3= really lot ppl go over there.. of course, one of the night i in my hometown, i look for my old fren go our yam cha, n he live near mac'd as well.. so we went to mac'd. i jz step in, less than 5min, i meet one of my junior there.. then chatting for a while.. anothe junior come. after that got 2 or 3 more come also. all meet up without a call.. so cool.. haha XD so, if wanna meet up some old fren, jz go mac'd will do. haha XD (tat night i meet up 6 juniors, yea = =v)


with.. 2 balls? haha XD

24 hours

ok. the last thing. my dog, NINI~
yea! still so cute~ love her much! haha XD i had record down her one n only unique skill when she come to u.. if she know u la.. if not, u have to carefull oo.. haha XD here's the video~

nini crawling skill
haha XD

nini n i~
(i know i look ugly.. at hoome ma.. cincai la.. haha XD)

anyway, i enjoy lot when back home!
yea~ hope u have a wonderful holiday as well~

God bless!!

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