Wednesday, January 28, 2009

[Boz_World] Attire

1st of all, wish u guys...
Happie Chinese New Year~!!
ang pao ang pao XD

today, too sien.. means too bored.. so i here to share some of my thinking = =v actually, wanna post this long time ago, since now i so free, so i do it! haha XD

Attire. what it really means to u? last time when i young (now also still young la.. =3=) i also not really care about my out look, how i wear.. but someone change my mind. yea = =v this is how is happen... Once upon a time, (haha XD telling story now~:P) a girl always come to my house n overnight my place, (no worry, she is my senior..) then always like to do make up.. this n tat.. of course i shoot her. "eh, careful my mirror, later u broke it.. don do so many make up la.. pretty enough liao la.. aiks." i said. then she replied,"u tot i wan a? i also lazy.. i have no choice, coz i need to respect the ppl and the event, tats y i only make up." then i, "er.. ok. jz don break my mirror.. = = "

so, the conclution is, how u wear is how u repect the situation n ppl. so, ppl who don like or don care of yr own attire.. hehe.. still up to u le.. diff ppl diff style, n diff thinking le.. anyway, i will be still the same. don care of my out look. haha XD

God bless~!! = =v

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