Wednesday, January 7, 2009

[Boz_World] Face it? Avoid it?

today while i having my dinner, watching news. there is a news about 2 school girl involved in an accident with bike. 1 wounded. 1 broken leg, quite serious. when i watched this news, i being remind of something. i heard some of my fren share with me, they didnt ride motor bike. some don know how to ride, some didnt even sit on a bike. = =''' for me.. of course i very geng with my bike. coz i am motor driver ma~ wakaka... ppl say i like the "red wind spead racer"!!! (i jz simply say de la.. haha XD kidding kidding...)

so, y they didnt have a chance to get near to motor? then main prob is safety. coz their parents think driving motor if meet accident, u the 1st ppl will go to see Father in Heaven. actually i really not so agree le.. should say like tat. if u very good skill, (means geng cao!) if u meet accident n see Father in Heaven, u also wont regret. hahaha XD kidding la.. =3= anyway, is it means car driver wont die? this.. really up to u to decide. 

for me, in future if i have children, of course i let them learn how to ride motor. coz is fun. n it created for human to use. about the safety case, jz uphold to God le.. if He really so miss u n wan see u, wat u drive also same de.. this wat i think la.. but doesnt means u can drive careless la.. aiseh. 

the main point is, in our life, there is a lot of "motor"(problem) will u ride it? (overcome) or u will jz leave it? (avoid to face it) wat will u choose..? 

**some problem, of course, if we can avoid it we avoid.. but not everything also use the same matter.. think about it~ :)

mayb God give u an clear answer~ God bless~!!

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