Sunday, January 18, 2009

[Boz_World] Korean BBQ

yea~! back to post again! so sorry didnt post so long.. coz busy ma.. hehe (actually coz i go cc every night for game.. haha XD) but now i repent liao.. (haa.. maybe~ :P) so come back to post again. actually this should be post on monday.. but i keep hold til today.. haha XD sorry sorry..

anyway, monday night, our DG dept n IL dept having a gathering dinner. the place is.... Woo Ga Chon! Korean BBQ! what can i comment about the place? aiseh.. REALLY SO NICE oOOooOOooooOOO!!!! wa! i eat non stop ( coz they got  ppl serve us, n BBQ for us, so we jz eat!) then the water can refill la, some dishes also can be refill, if can a, i will eat with tears n say nice!! {something like this===> d [T3T] b}

take pic while waiting for food

very hungry

still very hungry

wa! food!! full of table!!

1st round of BBQ

2nd round of BBQ
(3rd round BBQ didnt take pic. too busy liao.. haha XD)

after all... dessert~!

yea~!! is really being a while i not really eat til i full.. this time i really enjoy it n so happy with it! haha XD so miss the food my mom cook.. coz she always cook extra n lot for me! so i can eat without worry i can full o not.. haha XD 

** for yr info, my stomach like black hole oo~ = =v**

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God bless!!

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