Saturday, January 3, 2009

[Boz_World] Zoo Negara

1.1.2009. new year 1st day. wat u doing? for me.. i go to zoo. T^T actually when i was young, i being to many zoo be4.. haha.. is being a while i already didnt go to zoo lo.. so, is not so bad at all. quite fun~ XD also, find some funny things happen in zoo as well~ 
have a look~

i really "don know" y it shout like this le.. haha XD

then i found out, in zoo, most of the animal know a trick even they not leave under the same cage. is to spin around. maybe they too sien liao gua.. haha XD

small bear spin

big bear spin

this one also spin

elephant always have the talent to please ppl. 
tats y they get lot of food. 
maybe jz becoz they nose "long enough" to please ppl gua... haha XD

anyway, i enjoy my 1st day in 2009. thz to victor. =3=
may u have a blessed 1st day n enjoy 2009!!

God bless~!!

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