Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[Boz_World] Moving House

today.. move house. being wake by michael.. then go move house.. many things happen.. funny things. haha XD

1st funny thing.
car with bed on top

3 "malat lou" try their very best to tied the bed on top with their [VERY UNIQUE] skill, engineer skill (one software, one don know wat engineer) + desinger (tats me~!!) + bit of PBSM skill + bit of scout skill + brass band skill ( which is very useless in this situation...) so we come out something like this...

"eng tao" driver with his car, do the very 1st "make up" in his life with his car.

it look something like this.. hot dog car...
hahaahahaha XD

but we make a hamburger car.

(how? wan burger?? call the hotline~wat u waiting for??)


my house key patah.. again. =3=
29 Dec 2008
in memory of my house key (again...)
so pity them.. serve me real hard.. haha XD


chasing a "hamburger car"

haha.. quite a lame post i think.
hope u enjoy~ haha XD

God bless~!!

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