Monday, December 1, 2008

[Boz_Sharing] Can you change fate?

this question come across my mind always. i do think about it. coz many times, lot ppl say," u wanna change fate?? u are mad! u are crazy! u sot de!!!! u try to fight with God?? HUH???!!"(then they will have this expression look at u===> O.o  big small eye. very angry tat type.. ) but when i read some book, even some comic, they do fight for their fate. so, wats mean fate to u? u.. really going to live like this in yr whole life? u.. have any target? u.. satisfy with yr living now..? really?

tell u the truth.

i don like it. and i still think tat. my life should not be like tat. i can have more. i can be better. i can do more. i can i can. over confidance? trying to fight with God? too self-centered?? i also don know. i jz know i can. then this spirit drive me til now. 

always, ppl say, "yea~ u can choose. the choice is yrs~!" sounds familiar? :) so.. means i can change fate with wat i choose? i tot God already set wat is the best for me..? one of my mentol told me this,"God wisdom is even more bigger than u, very big, really. very very de BIG." (yea.. i know.. =3=) she continued,"so.. do u think.. wat u choose, will out of His expectation?" (...yes.. i admit it. His is far Greater than us..) "so, jz put yr faith in Him, He will bless u the rest.", she said.

ok. this means wat? means God own the "game". so wat i do now is it really important? or i should say. wat i choose now is it important? since wat i going to do.. or wat i going to choose.. still the winner is Him. coz He own the game ma.. then i climb so far, work so hard, cry so hard.. for wat? 

(ya. i very stress now.)

"that's is why I ask you to be more like Me. because, in the end of the day, what belong to Me is all belong to you. I am here to train you and you will become more and more stronger, in order for you to enjoy the better life in the future. My love never leave you. Just you way too busy concern the things around you, n you, forget about Me. I'm here to help, to love and to protect you, silly. all this, is just for you and you only. My dear child."

"I love you."
(with a smiley face, and also a hug hug)
God replied.

"This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'If you will walk in my ways and keep my requirements, then you will govern my house and have charge of my courts, and I will give you a place among these standing here."
-Zechariah 3:7

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Vvc said...

God gave us few way to choose, once u choose one of them, u will get a result... maybe the result is ur unwanted result, but dont regret what u choose, enjoy the progress of the way u choose...
Are u chosen to enjoy the progress or the result?