Sunday, December 21, 2008

[Boz_World] Dazzling Chrismats

jin jin bell~ jin jin bell~ jin jin all the way~
yea~ christmas is around~ many place got sales la.. event la.. nice decoration la.. aiks.. make me til no mood for work.. so holiday mood.. anyway, i here to share some pic with u guys~

this year i not really go here n there n see how ppl decorate for christmas event.. but sunway pyramid. they did a very good job! i like their decoration~!! so~~~~ RED. hahaha XD also very nice le~ happy happy~ red + nice decoration~!!  = = b <>

~red red tree~

~some event going around while i in pyramid~

anyway, here's the best.


this is a event held in my church FCC.
best ever drama will present to u.. dont tell me u dont know about this.
i will jz reply u.. u miss it baby. haha XD
do come n join us~!! 

24 Dec 2008 | Wednesday | 730pm
FCC church

(don know the place, then ask me la.. i show u = =v)

God bless~!!! XD

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