Monday, December 29, 2008

[Boz_World] Merry Christmas

today.. (jz pretend today still 25 Dec la k? haha XD) my mom n all her sis come to KL.. so i meet up with my mom n all my aunty =3= of course i be the tour guide, bring them around, then bring them to dinner also~ coz we really quite long time didnt meet up like tat, so they all jz order watever they feel like wanna eat. really order many things.. jz i didnt order, coz i eat til sien liao.. ( u know house wife la.. cook at home de ma.. like me meh? outside food like my snack like tat.. =3=) here some pics, have a look.

~things tat they order~

~i don know wats this call...~

~nasi lemak~

~a... black mee goreng.. haha XD~
**victor, i sure u read til here, u don know wat reaction u wanna give me liao~ haha XD**

~mee goreng~

~bak ku teh~

y all the food only have a bit a bit only? coz i am the dustbin of them. wat they eat left, i sapu.. haha XD really become dustbin liao.. still.. nvm, at night, means after this dinner, i go for this thing...


haha.. crazy leh? = =v really is not easy to feed me.. (i also find hard to do tat) haha.. XD
anyway, i enjoy it~ o! also wanna say thank u! get the one n only christmas present in my life~ gam xia~!! XD

~christmas present~

God bless~!! XD


jacky said...

i didn't miss malaysia food until i saw this entry. What la you, must consider readers like me who are not in malaysia ma. Saw all those foods terus become hungry!!
Hehe =)

Z-Boz said...

aiseh.. so kelian..
haha.. don too miss the food here la.. eat inside liao all come out is the same one.. haha XD