Wednesday, December 3, 2008

[Boz_World] Be Strong

Be Strong!! u must be strong!!
i know u r tired. i know u try so hard. i know all tat.
i feel that for u also.

but u cant give up.
if u give up.. u make my heart broken.
it will feel really very pain.. pls.. be strong.

i write this post.. is jz for u.
i pray for u.. since i cant do anything..
jz be well.. n come back to me as soon as possible..

i miss u hard. really..
i wanna see u once again..
i be here waiting. no matter take how long..
i will wait here jz for u

i know i didnt treat u well enough..
i should protect u, take really good care of u..
but i didnt.. :(

but, pls.. jz for this time..
be strong, be strong..

my phone, w710i 
(in hospital now.. T^T)
(so sad eh.. T^T cry hard hard..)


Victor da Lee said...

don't learn my blogging style...

Jannie said...

Doink... Only one expression.. Doink...

By the way, what happen? It's still new...

TL said...

maybe i should learn blogging tat style from u n vic..


Hoyi said...

this one can put on 星 | 废 | 鸟 ~
= =''

Z-Boz said...

i drop it into the water... T^T
fixing now.. so sad..

z - rIce said...

i just can dao~~~~lol...