Friday, December 19, 2008

[Boz_World] day!!

yeah~!! today is 19th of Dec!! so excited n happie~!! XD 
y? u ask me y? haha.. 1901 hotdog got special offer!!!!!!!!! 
1 hotdog sell for only rm1.99!!!!

wa wa wa~!! actually, wanna thanks to my colleague who found out this, every month of 19th, 1901 got offer, 1 hotdog, rm1.99!! yea~!! XD fast fast take yr pen and record down next month 19th, next next month 19th, next next next month... haha.. too excited liao..

i not 1901 fans also de.. jz can eat something nice with cheap price, of course i will do it~! wakakaka.. so... 

i go buy 4 hotdog for my dinner~!! 
hahahahahahhahaaa XD
(maybe u do it next time la.. haha.. i eat 1st lo~ "P)

God bless~

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