Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[Boz_World] 19th Jan 2009

19-----------------------01~~~~!!!! haha XD
jan of 19, go eat 1901 hotdog! so meaningful~ yea! XD

as i mention in last last last last (also don know which post already.. =3= ) post. every month of 19th, 1901 hotdog have discount! 1 hotdog only sell rm1.99~ YEA!! ( i not sure other country got o not.. Malaysia got la.. hehe.. ) so, this month, of course i wont miss it!! wakakakaakakaa~~!!!

this time. i eat 5! wakaakaakaaa~!! 
(actually i buy 6. =3=)

1901 hotdog

1 more in dustbin.
(someone buy from me, n finish it. aiks =3=)

so next time don miss again oo guys~!
waiting for the next 19!! wahahahaa~ XD

God bless~


alexislim said...

Next month rememebr u siad ur target is 6 biji of hotdog from 1901 to eat yea...

samenduck|samenmouse said...

i also got buy n eat...every 19

Z-Boz said...

yea~ we all 19 geng~ haha XD