Sunday, January 4, 2009

[Boz_World] Happy vs Sad

i believe everyone know n understand much about this 2 word. happy n sad. if u don understand, then nvm. today i introdunce them to u. there is uncle happy n naughty sad. haha XD 

recently i reading a book talk about feeling and emotion. how to control it n make it as yr power to move on. (so u are so call power ranger! haha XD) after reading it, (still read half way de.. haven finish.. hehe) i realize something. actually, U can choose to be happy or sad. really depends on yrself how u look at it. now u know, u have a life, u need to move on, (in christianity, u cant go suitside!! NO NO NO!!) then y not choose to live happily? y live in sadness, ppl around u will like it o not? 

maybe for u, if a fren around u always make a loooooooooooooong sad face, will u like to join him or her together? sure u don like~! but u! ya, u! if u are the one think tat yr life is cacat! unhappy! then.. y not make it more happy? is it really so hard?

money. always will be an issue for us. but u have to think. money not = happy. money cant bring u happy. is it means without money there is no happiness? how about babies? y they smile n feel happy while they look at parents face? is it must use money to buy happiness? for me, the answer is no. NO NO NO. 

wat happiness u r looking for? the happieness tat u buy with money only will make u feel more emptyness.. u already forget about wat is happy. u jz remember sad. becoz sad always give u a strong impact.. n blur yr eye n the feeling about happiness... 

y not now u try to close yr eyes.. think of when is the day u really feel happy~ the reason u feel happy~ the real reason u feel happy~ deep down in yr heart......... 

after u found out.. maybe u will think, "O~ be happy is jz so simple~ simple til i forget.."

have a try. if u really find out the answer n u agree with me.. remember say this..
"I'm sorry, uncle HAPPY."

haha.. XD

God bless~!!

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