Saturday, February 21, 2009

[Boz_World] Hot.......DOG d@y~!!!!!

yea~ another 19th of the month again~

this time, eat 6 hotdogs!!! wakakakakaa... 
(but the number 6th hotdog really try as hard as i can.. T3T)
so, i think my limit is only 5 hotdogs.. =3=

whole dept go buy hotdogs~!
(we buy 14 hotdogs) 

got 6 is mine.. wakakakaa XD

eat til the dustbin is jz full of hotdog boxes~ haha XD

anyway, this time when we go buy hotdogs.. getting more ppl Q up to buy already.. aiks.. need to wait liao.. so, next time when wanna buy, do go early oo~!! good things must share of course~ so, i hope next 19th, i buy again~!! yea!

God bless~!!

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