Thursday, July 3, 2008

[MovieTalk] Wanted


For me, haha.. really a good movie aaaaaaaaaa!!!! geng geng geng! = =b
the movie is bit like matrix, but not matrix, bit like national treasure, but not national treasure, is jz so nice n well done~!! the story flow, casting, songs, effect, climax, twist, ending, etc. wooooooooo~ i don know how to express somemore for this movie~!! i only shut up n sit there for the movie + 2 thumbs up====> d [=X=] b

"where are you here?"
"i don't know.."
(punch!)(punch! punch!)

before i watch this movie, i know that the movie camera angle will be very extreme.. i tot that story is jz normal like "u're the choosen one" this kind of movie.. (although got a bit la still.. haha XD) but most of the thing is jz out of my expectation~! (some also i expect liao de..) that is real nice part for me feel about this movie! somemore all the stun, how the car turn, run, combine skill??! wa.. jz nicely done~!! like it much much~!! @[> <]@ COOL+SUPERB+AWESOME~~!!

u watch beckham banana kick be4?
now u can go n watch WANTED who perform banana gun shot. = =

Ranting: 10 out of 10
10 startzz!! FULL~ XD
how u think?? let me know~!!


*~Sasha~* said...

10 stars ********** X)

JaemyC said...

go read the graphic novel too!!!
it's from a comic!
i open my mouth big big when the cars flip and spin on top of each other weiii...! woohooo!!!