Wednesday, July 16, 2008

[Boz_World] 14 July

hmm.. actually i not planning to go for this show de.. but something happen.. n i feel lazy do work, so i go to this show le~ keke..

the whole night is jz more on sharing, sharing on how God change their life, touch them. is so geng that God work on them, they can bring 27ppl believe in
Jesus in only 1 year.. for me? i wanna have 1 also quite hard.. T^T

they do perform some old Chinese opera style. i was so shock n impress by them.. coz they really work for the Lord!! can u imagine, by only 4 days, they compose a song with old Chinese opera style n tell the whole journey of Jesus life!! it so touch!!!! coz for me, i hardly imagine tat with old Chinese opera style can sing out God grace... it really shock me! this is wat i learn from them.. really, n is true! when God give u talent, if u practice it n fully use it, God will make use of it~!!

my dear bro sis in Christ, if u have talent, i hope u guys ca
n jz practice yr talent gao gao n serve the Lord, but not give up yr skill if u see someone better than u.. honorsly, if u see someone is better than u, u must take the opportunity to learn form tat someone! but not giving up!! who more geng than u learn from them n u be geng! all must thru hardship, tats only show how much u appreciate yr talent n fully use it~ :) gambatte everyone!! so.. now have burden serve in worship team?? haha XD pray about it ya~ keke.. "P maybe join faith music 1st la~ haha.. God bless ya~!!

share some photo~ is bit dark.. sorry o.. camera only 2.0 =3=

~singing n sharing~

-yeah~ fun-fare!!-

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