Saturday, July 19, 2008

[Boz_World] MR2+ Logo

-MR2+ logo-

Hot n fresh NEWs!!
This is the logo for MR2+!!!
FCC Music Revolution II Plus 2008
comment are welcome~ !!
although we wont change the design liao~~ haha XD

God bless!!


Jovina said...

NIce nice...

Iwane Akimoto said...

Good one.. good job...

Rick Sim said...

oh yeah, looks so hip and... reminds me abit of 70s style:) funky yet pop-trendy. sweet.

Z-Boz said...

actually the BG i add in one..
actual design no bg de.. hehe "P
thz for comment anyway~
thz to all media team member also~ add credit to them~!
of course God done the best job!
Amen d[_ _]b