Friday, July 11, 2008

[Boz_World] Pasta de Gohan

this tuesday my mom come look for me as usual~ maybe many of u will ask.. y i need my mom come look for me de?? so Lansi meh?! wat the.. =3= actually my mom will out to KL once a month, but most of the time she jz come here for some stuff then she will went back home straight. but this month i say i wanna meet her, so she drop by le.. she here on tuesday, overnight at my place, then we have lunch together~ we went to pyramid eat PASTA~ XD but is diff place with michael one~ michael have italian style pasta, but i have japanese style pasta~ haha XD

-this is wat i order-

-this is wat my mom order-

-Pasta de Gohan-

-unlimited cheese-

of course we having great time together~ as more i spend time with my mom, i notice tat she getting older n older le.. sometimes u can jz do yr best is taking good care of yrself in order she not so worry about u.. coz u really cannot do anything when she getting older.. of course love is needed to show for her.. quite regret when she leave i cant even give her a hug.. coz is raining soon while she leave, so both of us quite rush also to cacth up the bus.. anyway, i wanna take God for this wonderful mom~ we being thru alot.. n we must go on.. God~ i pray tat u bless my mom n take good care of her every sec every moment~ be with her~~~ thank u Lord, Amen. miss u mom~!! T^T

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