Tuesday, July 29, 2008

[Boz_World] new shoes!

o.. busy busy busy.. so sorry long time no update here liao.. coz recently got something on.. if u waiting me update then i have to say sorry to u~ n thz for ya support!! if u feel nothing then nvm la.. = =

i get a new shoes! not buy one oo~~ is bless by someone oo~!! XD happie!! wanna thank God for His wonderful blessing~ actually i going to buy new shoes liao de.. but be4 i buy, God send an angel come n bless me~ yea yeahh~!! so happie much~~ keke~ thank GOD!! i love U!! XD

~new shoes~
~Avia, blue, size 9.5~

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R.S. said...

wow... darn cool wei