Monday, October 19, 2009

[Boz_World] Next Generation

Recently heard lot of teaching about life, purpose, about next generation. i am thinking, wat we doing now.. is it will effect the next generation? will the influences big? is it will cause them anything..? today, i am very sure n wanna share with u all. if u don find any purpose in yr life... i think is time u have to think of living yr life for the next generation.

hmm.. maybe i give an example here. let say.. one day i get married, have children with her, after tat i don like my wife, then i divorce with her. coz i don like her liao ma.. ( or any reason la.. maybe "reason-able" reason??? =3= ) 1st. it surely will affect yr children.. n then, think further, if yr children got children again ( means yr grandchildren la..) how u going to explain to them who is yr grand mother or grand father if they really ask? if my wife re-married again? then the children got 2 grand father lo?! =3= or maybe u can think tat, if u r the grandchildren, how will u re-act??

maybe the example i giving is so complicated for some ppl. but wat i wanna share with all of u r, pls don think wat u doing now wont have any effect to ppl around u, or it will only effect yrself. how about yr children? or others ppl children?. coz one day, yr children will by teach by others, teach by the world as well. so, if now, u r not doing any good to the world, to the society, to frens beside u... one day, yr children might be affect by them.

So.. is time to change the mindset. think of wat u can do for the next generation. students, maybe do it for yr junior. workers, maybe do it for yr junior, or yr colleague. think of something, i sure in yr life, there will be something u can fight for!

let us work hard together~! XD
for the next generation~~~~~~~~~~~!!
God bless~!!

**haha.. so long no update already. so sorry. will try to keep this blog more busy!**

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