Thursday, November 5, 2009

[BozWorld] Happie Birthday~

1st of all, i wanna thank God! really~ thanks God much much!! XD coz on my birthday, there's no rain~ wahahahaaa..... so, i wanna go where play also ok~ XD thanks to Him, everything goes smoothly, everything well plan~! yay! thank U!!!!

ya, mom n dad, thanks much as well~ :D without them, today also will without me. haha.. also i wanna say thank u to ppl around me! u guys make my day~ my mail coz from 10 mail become 110 mail unread, all becoz of the fb comment.. haha.. lot of blessing~ thz thz~!!

wanna thanks who wish me~ especially thanks to those who spend time with me, lunch, n eat cake with me. haha... thank u~ very much! truly from my heart :) thanks those who send gift to me as well~ i like it n appreciate it very much~! thank u! thank u all~!! i enjoy my big day~!!


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