Monday, November 23, 2009

[BozWorld] Canon Project

wooOOOooooohhhhh... finally.. i can do this post.. XD handling this project for 2 months~ quite a stress one.. haha XD but i think we doing it well :) Canon project~!!

i am project lead for this project, coz i am 1st time as a project lead.. so, is quite stress le.. somemore this TVC will show in cinema (if i not wrong la.. =3=) so, i really already did my very best for this project.. hope u guys like it as well :)

some pics, all pics took when we go for the shooting date~ enjoy XD

-shoot at Putrajaya-

-lot material-

-balloon light~ XD-

-shooting board-

-camera (it is really very heavy... so, u think hand-held easy...? =3=)-

-i think this is call director tv gua.. hahaa XD jz.. so cool~-

-these sticks use to stick on the shooting board which shooting done-

-smoke effect shooting~-

this shooting start from near 7pm til the other day morning 7am something i only reach home sleep.. the next day.. straight sick. hahaa.. but still need to work~ XD

Thanks God for this opportunity to work on this project. He guide me lot, n i learn lot from Him thru this project. it is stress n tired.. but things tat u learn is more precious! i appreciate lot! also, wanna thanks to those who support me, encourage me, stand by me, when i in this project, thanks much! =D lot things happen, n we manage being thru it~! as a team, we learn together, n move forward together! happy working with u guys~! hope there's more cool works coming, so i can show more~ yay!

here's the outcome, **jiang jiang~!!** Canon TVC, enjoy~ XD

God bless~!! XD

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