Thursday, January 14, 2010

[MovieTalk] Sherlock Holmes

I am so glad i have time for movie.. this time. Sherlock Holmes! wahahaa~ wat a cool movie~ XD This movie give a feeling something like the movie Sweeney Todd. they "smell~" the same. XD

- Sherlock Holmes -

anyway, when i watch this movie, i really have no comment. coz when i watch this movie, i didnt really go n analysis it.. i am jz enjoy the movie.. hahaa XD maybe too tired of thinking after long day/week/month work... =3=

however, this is a nice movie which u must watch if u haven watch yet.. i can say i always plan to watch movie on wed night, this movie take me 3 weeks only i can watch.. coz it always full when i watch this movie, even the day i watch, it still full! n is showing in small cinema only.. 1 funny things is.. after i watch this movie, i back home n do some research.. then i only know the main actor is the main actor of Iron Man! hahaaaa.. no wonder he look so familiar when i saw the poster long time ago.. XD

- Robert Downey JR. as Sherlock Holmes -

Sherlock Holmes is 1 of the detective i like the most coz of the comic Conan. hahaaa... he act weird, but he is real good. anyway.. he is a fictional character of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, n his is the creation of Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Ranking 9 out of 10
go and watch~! XD

God bless~

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