Friday, February 12, 2010

[Boz_World] Holiday~!!

finally.. TAT
i holiday liao~!! today i the 2nd day of holiday~ wahahaaaaa~~~~

lot things need to be done.. but.. i sooooooooooooo lazy.. haha XD almost sleep whole day lo~ aiseh.. "P really soooo lazy~ XD

so happy to be home. lot things to eat, lot comics to read, lot bed to sleep, n etc. woohoo~~ i have to rest gao gao.. then go "somewhere" work hard again.. TAT so i will try update blog as much as i can be4 i getting busy.. sooo really de sorry, coz always no update.. which i hope i can update as well.. nvm nvm.. wait for my coming long post ba~! = =b


happy chinese new year everyone! XD
*n happy Vday~!*

God bless much!

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