Sunday, November 22, 2009

[Boz_World] B@k kU tEh~

yeah~!! finally! i in kl for so long.... this is the 1st time i go Klang for bak ku teh~! XD hahaha.. thanks to Kevin bring me there~! yay! for yr info, Klang Bak Ku Teh is famous n nice to eat~!! XD

so.. i think the next thing i need to taste is satay liao... i being here for so long.. heard tat Kajang satay is the best, (if i no wrong...) but i didnt try be4 la.. so, anyone wanna bring me go~??! haha :P

some pics~

-of course, chinese tea is the best-

-Bak ku teh!-

-thats the shop i went-

i heard tats lot of bak ku teh shop.. (er... i mean, i see.. =3=) the shop i went, is not so bad~ i like the soup! XD actually, when i reach there, after order, then the shop is ready to close lo.. they cleaning up the place already de.. hehe.. they say i can eat meat in the afternoon of 2pm as lunch, consider quite lucky already.. coz normally there's no more meat liao lo.. hehe.. thanks God for tat~ XD so, i think i will back there again coz now i know the way~ kekee.. >D

so, i hope more things to come in my life~ work for so long.. i think sometimes i should jz enjoy life bit~ yay~!! XD

**next one, i think still back to Korean food 1st~ hahaa...... XD

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