Sunday, July 5, 2009

[Boz_World] RIP my shoes~

after accident, now i being recover fast~ but still cant do sport le... =3=

anyway, is time to clean up some stuff.. then i found out tat my shoes cant wear anymore.. T^T so sad... need to throw it le.. aii.... i so like this shoes... :(

RIP shoes shoes~

**anyway wanna buy me shoes?** XD

God bless~!


carsonyim said...

I also went through this phase before, but old shoe must go so new shoe can come grace you with it's presence 8D

btw, I'm working 1 floor above you only >)

Shinichi @ Shixye said...

Hey XD i remember hanging my baby shoe at my door knob XDXDXD

Z-Boz said...

yea~! actually i already aiming a new target liao.. jz wait for the time come, also the money enough, then i buy a new shoes lo~ XD