Saturday, July 18, 2009

[Boz_World] wat a day

last month, i am quite bad luck.. lot things happen to me as well. anyway, got 1 thing happen to me that i rmb til now. so i think i must post it here n share with u guys. which is a bit of angry of wat happen to me. =3=

i rmb tat night, after i finish work, around 830 pm, so i went back home with my bike. but, my bike tyer pun-cek!! *boff!* in the middle of highway. = = then i am shouting.. "OH NNNOOOoooooOOOoooooo-------!!!!!!!!!!" in my mind T^T (coz my leg still pain...)

so, i had no choice, but to push my bike back home.. (which is very de far~!!!!) so i push... after quite a long distance, i decided to call the number i see at the side road, which they will come to me n fix my bike. but a bike come to me when i set to make a call. is a chinese. uncle. he stop near my bike n say, he is one of the ppl can help fix my bike. then i like, *bing~~~* (holy light shine one me T T) "oh yeaa~~~~ here come the savior~~~" T^T then he say, i can help u replace it. charge u rm25. very cheap liao~ (with uncle smilling face) then i like, "WAAAAATTTTT----------?!?!?!!" (coz normally, those motor bike shop only will charge rm8++ but now he charge me rm25!!? = =) of course i nego with uncle, then i think is ok to jz give it to uncle, coz i also quite tired liao.. but. who knows.. my wallet only have rm8... i also = = "gao gao"

then i tell uncle. uncle jz stun. ok. keep his things. go back to his bike. then, bye bye~! "huh........ i no money only ma... need go away so fast meh...?" aiks. chinese. (no moeny no talk wa.) zzz = = so i had no choice.. continue puuu----shhhh.... T^T no money, leg pain, hungry, n no help. aii..

half way, after 30min++, i still pushing my bike at the side of the highway.. i saw a bike passby me n turn back to me. oh~! another savior~ XD is a malay, he ask me is it my bike no petrol. then i say no.. then he like, "aiya.. tot i can help push yr bike n u to petrol station if u no petrol. (i think u guys see be4 the skill of pushing motor with bike, 1 ppl driving, then put his leg on other biker bike, n push the bike. i also know how to do it~ XD) but u not.." so he cant help me as well.. so i thanks for his offer, n appreciate it lot~ coz he really cant do anything la.. thank u~!! T^T

continue push. passby a mamak shop. the tauke, indian, ask me stop, n say he got number to call n fix my bike one. he ask me go in shop n pass me the number. then i also told him my situation.. i had no money.. T^T then he also cant help me.. but he still ask me call fren fetch me, n park my bike at his shop there. he can help me take care of it. coz tmr i also need transport to work. so i also thanks him for his offer. n appreciate it lot as well~ Thank u~!!!! T^T n continue push..

in the end, near 1030pm i only push to the motor shop near my live place. the boss is closing the shop already. but he still help me n fix my bike. (coz i always go to his shop n fix my bike, so he know me n help me~ XD) while fixing, i only know my right leg knee there bengkak. coz i keep hit by the bike while pushing it back... aii. leg more pain. T^T then i after "dinner" n back rest..

in this inccident.. i quite dissapointed to the chinese uncle.. (even i am chinese.. T^T) aii.. anyway, i learn lesson as well~ next time, i will offer help if i really see someone in trouble. like others did. yosh~!!


wat a day... =3=

God bless~ :)


Teh-O said...

O_O wow, so bad one the uncle... haiz, chinese really all money... =..=lll sad... where did ur car break down? O.o hope your leg recover soon!

Z-Boz said...

my leg ok liao de. happen last month ago ma.. my bike break down at KJ o.. my working place there.. T3T