Monday, August 10, 2009

[Boz_World] What kept me busy

Yea~!! finally... i can update my blog~ hahaa XD
coz i jz getting free.. so sorry for all these late update.. anyway, i here to present u my 1st ever commercial job in my life~!! XD which kept me busy for long time~

i being confirm as full time worker in Fly Studio already~ Thank God! XD i also start to get use in the environment which i enjoy lot~ hehee.. here is a nice place for me to work, n i wish to work more n improve myself in the future = =v

here is my 1st ever commercial job, i involve in animation n camera. which is i 1st time doing animation job :P quite enjoy n like it much! finally i can do animation!!!!!! XD

** Trenz Glaze **

after the 1st job, then straight come the 2nd one. which is an opening clip for an animated series. XD i involve in camera, animation, effect, n some rigging as well. most of the water shader being done by me as well.. hahaaaaaa... (but the editing guy make it better la.. haha XD)
so, enjoy~ XD

** Rip Smart **

u may leave any comment if u like~ XD
thank u much!

God bless~!


Cedric said...

nice lo, jealous la. i also hope i get to work in fly next time also. Same like u, i like the atmosphere there, feel comfortable

Z-Boz said...

jz come la~ hahaa XD