Tuesday, August 25, 2009

[Boz_World] Dinner@Jogoya

yea~! last last friday i think.. my company go KL Jogoya dinner~! XD
so happie!! of coz i eat lot~ order lot~ test lot diff things too! wa... really very happie le.. seldom got chance to do this kind of crazy things~ hahaa XD

here's some pics~

-Jogoya, KL-

-VIP food! i got order this~ XD-

-the best one~! Volka, 40%-
-i take 3 small cups~! nice~ XD-

-big family-

anyway, i enjoy lot there! the food, enviroment, fellowship as well~ if u got chance, should give it a shot n try up the food there! XD

for more pics,

God bless~!

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