Saturday, May 30, 2009

[Boz_World] Little hElp pls~

need a little help here.. i wish to learn korean language, anyone know where can i go to learn korean language? don ask me go Korea n learn la.. this one i know.. =3= if nearby, then will be the best! XD i live in Sunway now.. if u know some info, do let me know ya~ thz much! 

** i wish to know the time, place, n cost as well.. thz~! XD **

God bless~


*~Sasha~* said...

You may try inquire at one foreign language education centre at SS15 (sorry I forgot its name), it is located at one of the shoplots, same row as McD if I remember correctly. I used to walk pass it everyday when I worked in my previous company at SS15. They offer lessons for various foreign languages. I can't recall clearly whether they provide lessons for Korean language study but you could go there to find out if you like, and the location should not be too far from where you stay. Hope that helped... =) Take care always and God bless much~ Shalom. X)

Z-Boz said...

oo~ thz lot! i will have a look of it! XD

thz much!! XD