Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[Boz_World] Getting better~

yellod~! i here again. so sorry didnt really update recently.. but now i getting better liao, so i think i can start update as much as i can le~ haha.. XD

anyway, i here to update my wound, coz lot ppl quite worry bout me. so i here to make u guys no worry. haha XD here my wound update. haha XD

**if cant take the pic, don scroll down, off the page le. haha XD**

~really getting better le la~

anyway, now still cant really stand too long, or run, or jump. but at least now, i can walk liao... T^T anyway, really thz for u guys! thz for caring, thz for prayer, thz for worrying, thz for everything!! also, i also need Thank God! coz lot ppl say i healing fast! yea~! by God grace, Amen~! XD

ok. tats all for this post!
next time then~!

God bless~!! XD


kenny said...

dun post so disgusting photos~

Jaemy.C said...

as long u dun post ur face photo, i can take it.