Thursday, June 11, 2009

[BozWorld] 3D BozComic

er?! Boz comic become 3D??!
no no! should be reality Boz comic!


put yr hand to hand together!

let us welcome...

Boz comic!!

jiang jiang~!! XD

hahaa.. actually i was too stress of working. coz cant really get the animation i wish to do.. so i make fun for while to release some stress.. = =v anyway, thz to kenny (puik!) take the pic for me. (thank u lo = =)

cool? reality/3D Boz comic~! hahaa XD


Teh-O said...

can reach 4d liao hahahahaha XD well almost haha ganbatte chong hing!

Hikari said...

geng xD i thought it was a soft toy hahahah.. !!