Tuesday, January 3, 2012


it's being a year.. i abandoned this blog for so long.. feel so guilty about it.. haha.. in deed, 2011 is fast for me. didnt realise it jz gone like tat.. didnt know wat i archive on 2011 as well.. aiks.. =A=

for this year, i think i should treat myself better.. give myself more time to update and doing the stuff i like, such as my comic blog. being using too much time for my work but in the end come out nothing.. is quite sad n dissapointed about it.. anyway, i still need to move on! so i decided spend more time on my comic blog too! =D

here's the link, maybe some still don know about it.. hahaa.. anyway, do support support! any comment jz let me know, so i can improve! thz lot ")

try to make the comic more manga form?! trying still , haha.. let see how the things go ") anyway, will keep imporove! n keep on my spirit for it! Fighting Fighting!!

n happy New year 2012! have a great n wonderful year ahead! :D