Monday, December 6, 2010

It's going to end

time is jz running so fast.. now already Dec.. feel like i achieve nothing in this year... oh no..... TAT did u check wat yr plan for this year? do u achieve anything yet..? i hope u are.. haha XD but i am a person tat is so bad to follow the plan.. especially a whole year plan.. =3= i am those ppl who change plan 'arccording' to situation Xp

anyway, most ppl like to plan for the future.. but in this very year end.. y not change a diff way? y not sit down for a moment.. n think of this year.. wat is yr weakness? wat is yr strong area..? praise to The Lord, if u got lot strong point! also don be so sad, about yr weakness as well.. tat is y u sit down to think of wats yr weakness in this year, n u will improve it in the coming year! =D

i believe, if one ppl have less weakness, for sure, things will lead to a good direction ") so.. when u r good in attitude, then i think is time for u to head towards yr goal as well! coz u r prepared! XD hope u have a wonderful time, and... God bless!! XD

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