Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Back

after back from my company taiwan trip, i cant help to fall for taiwan.. becoz there is really a nice place... maybe i not live there, so i not sure how good is it to make a life there.. but i think it will better than where i belong now = = much more better i think...

anyway, tats lot things happen. n things start to change again.. same as i, i think is time for me to plan for myself again, maybe i think is time for me to change my mind as well.. it is a good thing to travel around to "open up" yr eyeszzz.. for sure, it will change yr mind too~

but creativity is everywhere~ XD i so glad i am artist! so i can get inspiration every where, any time, n from anything~ is time for me to break thru even in my life. i have to move on! run even faster n be more lighter to fly in the sky~!!

everyone! Fighting!! XD

God bless~

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