Wednesday, September 29, 2010

spam mail

recently receive lot spam mail.. but always i will check it online, like.. jz copy the details inside, n paste in google search, then lot information will show out already.. haha.. but, why i read this post? coz i still notice, alot ppl still get cheated by mails, sms, n phone.. etc. honestly, i 1 of the victim last time as wel.. so i decided to blog about it, so, more info will show out, hopefully less ppl getting cheat or wat.. anyway, is it the spam mail is real or fake? this, u have to judge yrself ") of coz, i will some research as well be4 i post it le.. so, this the mail i receive,


Sent: Friday, 24 Sep, 2010 8: 47 PM

Title: (no subject)

UBS International Holdings BV
Herengracht 600
NL-1017 CJ Amsterdam, Netherlands.


I am an investment consultant working with UBS International Holdings BV
in the Netherlands. I will be happy to work a transaction of $8.5million
out with you if you have a personal or corporate account.

I await your prompt response

Warmest Regards,
Mr. Beuker Hendrik
Investment Consultant.


once i copy some info( for exp, the address) n paste it in google search, lot link come out. this is wat i get in this FORUM. i read it thru, got ppl actually reply them, then they request more info from u. but wat i found out is.. there's a way to block those spammers~!!! wahahaaa.. u jz need to give them the info they need, then they will help u to finish them! XD

wanna finish them in yr mail box?

here's the LINK

i think is quite good coz someone trying to take action ") so.. if u wan, do explore about it~ i think it is good to share about it as well~ =D clear the spammerssszzzzz~~!! wahahaa....

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