Friday, September 19, 2008

[Boz_Sharing] Give Thanks~!!

wo~ once again back here do sharing again.. sorry.. going to be long gas again tim.. haha XD
hope u can be patient~

some update.
i add on the follower gadget on the side, i think u guys notice gua.. so do click on it if u do visit my blog~ thz thz.. at least i know who pass by be4 ma.. T3T (come le.. join le.. join le.. plsszzszz~~)

i might start a new blog.. (yea~! might name it "fai chai" blog.. haha = =v) but will jz only upload all my drawing, all is jz "um" things la.. so, once i start it, will let u guys know~!! XD

back to our topic!
today topic ====> GIVE THANKS!

1st n only question. how often u give thanks? :)
actually, God again n again, reminded me.. ask me to give thanks.. give thanks in small things, give thanks in big things~ i always give thanks tat i got eyes la, mouth la, ears la, hands la, legs la etc. i born out normaly.. (actually, i got think of if i born out without a hand will how a.. T^T or without any part la..) so i always give thanks for wat i got n wat i should have.. i really give thanks of all this!! n show appreciation on all this also!!

O? how i show appreciation? haha.. easy! jz practice with wat u give thanks! i use my eye to see bible, use my mouth to read bible n pray, use my hands to flip bible n etc. so, how about u? (start read bible n pray lo.. wat u waiting for? XD) do u come across with all this "little" things? n give thanks to the Lord? do u show appreaciation? n how u show it? :)

somtimes we jz easily forget the things nearby us.. or maybe jz around us so many years.. like our best fren, our parent, our beloved one. (pls be guilty if u still always argue with yr parent T^T) ( ya.. feel bad.. feel real bad leh~~~ T3T) u should give thanks lot lot lot if compare with others ppl. coz wat u have now, others might not have it..(this is real one o... T^T) n appreaciate with all wat u have :) must oo!

give thanks in small things, then God will bless u in big things!
then u give thanks in big things, God will bless u bigger things!!
so yr blessing will be overflowing~!! wakakaakaa..!! (do bless me some oo.. hahaa.. Xp)

so, do stop complaining, but start give!!
turn yr curse into blessing~!! YEA~H!!

1 Chronicles 16:34
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever.

Psalm 30:12
that my heart may sing to you and not be silent.
O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever

God bless!! :D

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