Friday, September 5, 2008

[Boz_World] Something bad in yr mind?

aiks.. enough for all the words! now upload something interesting!
look at the pic below~

is it let u think of something~?

wat in yr mind now.......?
er.. maybe.. something not so good~?
haha.. Xp

** if u read til here still don know wat i trying to bring out..
then u can jz off the blog, or read previous blog,
or go to poll there vote, ask me delete the blog.. =3=
but don "pretend" don know la.. puik! **

actually leh.. is this thing lai de.. is a food~!

-CB stand for Chicken Biscuits!-
(nice food~! = =b)

haha~ hope make u laugh~ :P

God bless!!


Jovina said...

puik!!thot wat so intresting wa..
sweat dao bou!!

Victor da Lee said...

haha.. CB i thought is Chief Bouncer?

小彭 said...

for me first thing..cibai..
lord hav mercy!