Wednesday, September 10, 2008

[Boz_World] Ouch...

aii.. ya.. is pain.. very pain..
i not faint la.. but look like faint la..
y this happen?

football accident le..

do pray for me.. gam xia..

now cannot use this icon le T^T
have to change it to this ====> T^X
coz my left eye bengkak lo.. =3X

haha.. the more i look at mirror, i feel like my eye part like get punch by ppl..
aiks.. half panda.. maybe use this icon better =.O haha..

"ice healing"

"egg massage"

**i get scold by doc... coz i visit her 3 times each weeks..
she says, "now no gf don know how to take care yrself liao la?!!"

1 comment:

Jovina said...

rest more la, dun always play game la..hehe, otherwise yr eyes become like that d.....O.o...=P