Thursday, October 9, 2008

[Boz_World] Back Home

it's being a long time never back to home. raya is coming, my relative is ok to fetch me back, so i take this chance go back to my home town. home sweet home~

i went back 3 day. reach home at morning 7am. in 3 days, i had bu ku teh twice as breakfast (once with steam fish head somemore), steamboat twice as dinner, n house cook with lot of mom love as lunch, of course some supper with frens at night~ XD so, i am 24 hour full with food!! i love my hometown~!!! (the food also cheap n nice!) my life at hometown is jz...

eat (morning call by dad, breakfast),
eat(wake up, lunch),

sleep(2am til next day).
= =v < happie, huh?)

anyway, as usual, i went to a place i loved so much, beach, named Teluk Batik to get fresh cool air~ but, when i reach there.. there's no wind at all!!! T^T sad.. anyway.. i found out my hometown got lot of animal, jz like zoo. found out some new place, go around my hometown, see wat's new, update myself also~ XD

here's some pic~ enjoy!

wanna have a ride? XD

waiting for next swift??

did u see 2 monkey there?

1 bun + 3 ice cream = RM 1.50
go where find oo?? T^T

snorkeling park

last animal to introduce~!!

my dog!! NINI~ XD
cute cute her~~!!
Yea~! God bless!!

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