Sunday, October 5, 2008

[Boz_World] Super Power

hmm.. sometimes i wonder, how come i can so easy cop with children. actually, when i young at my hometown church, i also like a baby sitter for 2 children.. haha.. now the family already becom my "step-family" XD means i have 1 step-father, step-mother, step-bro, step-sis. (actually now got 2 more younger bro being born.. no chance meet them yet.. XD)

so, now, in FCC i also the same.. also can jz play with those kids and children together~
haha.. sometimes i wonder is it i too childish? tats y i can play with kids jz like tat.. T^T or.. maybe i have an "inside power" like power ranger, tats attract those kids~!! wakakaaakaakaa.. Go GO Power Ranger~ ""\[^O^]/"" (sorry, i SS T^T)

anyway, i do appreciate play with those children :) tats make me like children too, means no stress a.. no need think about tmr.. this n tat, n i like to be like a children as the bible teach us so~ XD yea! actually i like to take care kids also~ coz they are really pure, n i do learn lot from them, sweet, naive, beautiful smile~ this is wat i must keep for myself n let others feel the same~ :)

here's some picture~ taken by Zan Zan n Yue Yue~ Enjoy~ XD

hope u find back yr childhood smile too~
Rejoice always~ n God bless~!! :)


Bea said...

help out at faith kids!! hehehe...

Jovina said...

kakaka..yea, i agree with Bea..hehe

mathieu said...

here is the french dude, ehehehe
love your blog

french kiss smuach!!!!!