Tuesday, October 14, 2008

[Boz_World] Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Chong

today, now, is Tuesday.
and i am here jz wanna share something i feel tat is so funny with u guys..

start from sat night.
when i knew tat England have a football match,
i rush over to Ah Boy mamak, i meet Desmond, and i joined him.

morning i went to Hakka Shop near my place for breakfast,
i meet Desmond n flora, and i joined them.

afternoon, i went to Suriamas for badminton invited by Michael,
i meet Desmond, and i joined him.

night, i went to Ah Boy mamak for dinner,
Desmond n Flora come afterward, they joined me.

i in TOA, prepared and heading to class, pass by Maybank.
i meet Desmond n Flora... aga
and finally, i wish them,
"safety journey and take care~" with a firm hand shake with love :)

so, the conclusion, God want me meet them be4 they go 5 times.
maybe He want me to wish them, so i wont regret when they go, or we meet again next time~ XD

meet 5 times oo!!
n both Desmond n i when we meet again, we both say this...

"又是你 ???!!!"

haha.. so funny~ Xp
God bless!!!

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Bea said...

T_T...i didn't get to meet both of them this time....